My goal is to offer you the best Royalty Free stock music available through my Pond5 portfolio. Styles and genres range from corporate motivational music and commercial advertising pop tunes to electronic ambient and jazz. At the moment there are almost 200 tunes for you to choose from but the portfolio is growing all the time.

AdRev and Youtube

I am part of AdRev system, so if you purchase tunes for youtube use, be aware that initially the video will be claimed by AdRev. To resolve the situation, go here and put a link to the video, mention the name of the tune and give relevant IDs of your licence and AdRev will resolve the situation in the next few days (usually even faster). While I understand that AdRev causes frustration to many YouTube users, think of it as a way to support musicians. For me, it is the only way to have at least some control over where my music is used and to gain some profit from illegal use.

Written by Michikawa


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