Welcome to Creative Commons music

Welcome to Creative Commons music! Here you will find links to various Creative Commons music collections and portfolios. Styles and genres range from epic soundtrack music to corporate motivational tunes, classical piano and electronic ambient / easy listening. Portfolios grow all the time, new material coming in on weekly basis.

Here’s a easy to use player through which you can listen to the latest Royalty Free tunes from the AudioJungle portfolio:

Most of the material linked on this site is released under Creative Commons non-commercial licences, so if your projects are not commercial in nature, you can also use the tunes for free.

How to get your own music to Spotify?

One of the easiest and fastest ways these days to get your own music to streaming services such as Spotify and Tidal is Distrokid. It is really fast to setup, uploading process is streamlined and simple and they deliver the content fast! It takes usually only a couple of days to get your tune online on Spotify searches after upload. I have tried a few other services, but Distrokid has become my main tool nowadays. It is also very cheap service, depending a bit on how many different artist names you are going to need or use. Check it out and start uploading!

What is Royalty Free music?

Royalty Free music refers to music that is published under Royalty Free licence. It means that if you purchase a Royalty Free tune and use it in your commercial video productions, you do not have to pay royalties for the music afterwards, like with “normal” music. If you want to use Kanye West tune in your video production, it will be quite an expensive endeavour. With Royalty Free music, you only pay once for the licence and then you are free to use the tune in the context you described when purchasing the tune.

One might think that why on earth would any musician publish any music under Royalty Free licence – you are basically giving up your royalties? But in truth for many musicians out there producing Royalty Free music might be only way to gain any income, as it is not simple to produce music that would gain radio play or album sales nowadays. There are quite a few artists on the internet that do make living from royalty free music. It is usually easier to gain Royalty Free licence sales than gain reasonable royalty income. I personally know quite a few professional musicians who haven’t gotten as much royalty income in their career than I have gained via Royalty Free licence sales.

It is sort of a win win situation. Musicians get their music out there in various forms and gain publicity, and video producers don’t have to pay so much for high quality music.

What about Creative Commons?

Creative Commons is licensing system that allows even more freedom and leniency. There are a few variables that can be chosen when deciding what kind of Creative Commons license would fit with your production the best. One that is quite popular is so called Attribute – Non Commercial – Sharealike. It means that you are free to use the Creative Commons licensed tune in your own productions as long as you publish your productions under same Creative Commons license, give attribution to the original artist and do not gain income from the production.

Usually this means that Creative Commons tunes are also sold like Royalty Free tunes in professional way for those projects that want to publish their projects in commercial way.

Written by Michikawa


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